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Discover the next bullfighting events to be held in the bullring of Santander. Buy your tickets and enjoy one of the best bullfighting shows in Spain.

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Discover interesting aspects of the bullring and learn more about one of the most beautiful bullrings in Spain: architecture, legendary bullfights, images of the bullring and much more.

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In this section we leave you some interesting pictures about the bullring of Santander.

Location of Cuatro Caminos bullring

Located next to the university hospital and the port of Santander, the bullring is in a privileged location with a lot of history.

Discover the Emblematic Cuatro Caminos Bullring

Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural passion of Santander, Spain, through its iconic bullring. Located in the heart of this charming coastal city, the Santander bullring, also known as the bullring of four roads, stands majestically as an emblematic monument that has witnessed centuries of bullfighting tradition and intense emotions.

Inside, spectators are immersed in a unique atmosphere, where emotion and tradition intertwine. With a capacity for more than 11,700 fans, the Santander bullring is the perfect setting to enjoy the intensity and art of bullfighting.

In addition to its importance in the bullfighting world, the bullring has also witnessed various cultural and musical events over the years, adding another layer of diversity to its legacy.

For visitors wishing to explore beyond the tourist boundaries of Santander, the bullring is a fantastic choice for those looking to learn about the art and history of Spain.

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